Journaling serves as an excellent opportunity to write down your thoughts, visions, passions, dreams, goals, etc.  The Fabric Beautique® has created these journals not just for those reasons but specifically to document your time in prayer with God.  God speaks to us all the time throughout the day.  It’s a matter of paying attention to what the Holy Spirit is saying and writing it down.

Journals can be used as follows:

  • To study God’s word; either a specific book or chapter God placed on your heart
  • Your day: successes, mountain highs, valley lows
  • Prophesying to yourself by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Plan, purpose and will of God for your life
  • Major decisions to be made

Available are 100 page journals (standard wide rule); size: 8 1/2 x 11 . The inside cover features 'Your Vow' and what you will 'Declare and Decree' to the Lord.  Additionally the inside back cover includes information regarding the purpose & use of the journal in conjunction with Fasting & Praying.  Order yours today!

Prayer Journals
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This Prayer Journal is 100 pages (standard rule front & back). Includes on the inside cover a place for your 'Declarations' and the inside back cover includes information about Fasting & Prayer as well as the use of the journal.

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Check out the below video to view the BEAUTIFUL way our customer decorated her Prayer Journal!

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