Journaling serves as an excellent opportunity to write down your thoughts, visions, passions, dreams, goals, etc.  The Fabric Beautique® has created these journals not just for those reasons but specifically to document your time in prayer with God.  God speaks to us all the time throughout the day.  It’s a matter of paying attention to what the Holy Spirit is saying and writing it down.

Journals can be used as follows:

  • To study God’s word; either a specific book or chapter God placed on your heart
  • Your day: successes, mountain highs, valley lows
  • Prophesying to yourself by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Plan, purpose and will of God for your life
  • Major decisions to be made

Available are 100 page journals (standard wide rule); size: 8 1/2 x 11 . The inside cover features 'Your Vow' and what you will 'Declare and Decree' to the Lord.  Additionally the inside back cover includes information regarding the purpose & use of the journal in conjunction with Fasting & Praying.  Order yours today!

Prayer Journals - 40% of Sells Donated to Hurricane Harvey Recovery
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**EFFECTIVE 9/1/17 - until sold out 40% of the sells from all Prayer Journal Purchases will go to Hurricane Harvey Recovery efforts** Our goal is to sell the remainder of our stock by September 30, 2017 and issue a check to a local Charity Foundation that will provide funds to help those in need. Funds may also be distributed to an individual family in need.  An update will be sent via email letting you know how the money was distributed**

This Prayer Journal is 100 pages (standard rule front & back). Includes on the inside cover a place for your 'Declarations' and the inside back cover includes information about Fasting & Prayer as well as the use of the journal.

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